【 UNBOX 】 Minolta SRT 101

I received this vintage camera today and immediately made this unboxing video. This is Minolta SRT 101 with MC Rokkor-PF 58mm f1.4 that made in Japan year 1962. I love the vintage look, unfortunately I received a not 100% fully functional that the shutter was stuck after I pulled the winder as you can see at the end of the video clip. I managed to fixed the issue after I dissemble the camera. I love this camera despite it was not fully functioning at the beginning, and the price was relatively cheap at RM 250 ($65 USD) include shipping for both body and lens.

【 ROM 】 Heng & Amy (Oct 10th)

First of all Loominos Studio would like to congratulate to Heng &Amy on their important day. As being their photographer, I was very honorable for being part of their important day. besides that, I am perfectly happy to shoot with them. most importantly Heng and Amy were accompanied by their beloved parent, siblings and closed friend. Lets enjoy some of the editor’s picks photo below.

【 OSAKA 】Travel VLog 2017

This video was shot by 2017 when my wife and I traveled to Kansai for our honeymoon. That was also our third time traveled to Japan. The video was shot using rented Go Pro Hero 5. As a photographer all my images was shot using Sony A7r2 and A6000. Hope you all like it.

【 SHANGHAI 】Street Photography 2019

There were few reason for us to go Shanghai as year end family trip. First was the musical instrument exhibition, second was the fairly budget air ticket from Cathay Dragon Air. But only needed to transits via Hong Kong. For this trip, I brought my Fuji gear, include X-T3, 23mm F1.4, 35mm F2, 18-55mm F2.8-4, and last was 50-140mm F2.8. Most of the trip I mainly used 23mm for many street photography, and some portrait shots with 50-140mm. Shanghai is a beautiful place.

【 PRE-WEDDING 】Justin & Lynie (June)

Shooting location at Cameron Highland, 3 hours duration driving from Kuala Lumpur. Pre-Wedding shooting for Justin & Lynie with gorgeous wedding gown at Cameron Highland including Boh Teh farm Sungai Palas, Mossy Forrest, Lakeview Residence, Smoke House, and others. Cameron Highland is having cool weather and tremendous open landscape which perfect for pre-wedding without having to sweating too much which also giving optimum output.

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