Graduation & Family Photography Package

Graduation & Family Photo Package

Loominos Studio offers up to 10 different packages for individual, graduation and family photography services. find one that meet your preferences.

The Basic

The very basic one that save your budget and on the go.


The Standard

The standard one that balance at your budget and quality.


The Premium

Premium package gives customer our best premium quality service and product.


Abbreviation & annotation:

  • OTS - On The Spot.
  • Face Touch Up - Focus on face touch up editing.
  • True Tone Touch Up - Color & brightness adjustment.
  • Unedited - Final photo delivery remain original straight out from camera.
  • Same Day Collect - Customer can collect the print and / or frame on the same day

* Terms & Conditions Applied


Photo Print Size Annotation Chart:

4R - 4" x 6" / 10.2cm x 15.2cm

8R - 8" x 10" / 20.3cm x 25.4cm

S8R - 8" x 12" / 20.3cm x 30.5cm

10R - 10" x 12" / 25.4cm x 30.5cm

S10R - 10" x 15" / 25.4cm x 38.1cm


11R - 11" x 14" / 29.7cm x 35.6cm

S11R - 11" x 17" / 29.7cm x 43.2cm

12R - 12" x 15" / 30.5cm x 38.1cm

S12R - 12" x 18" / 30.5cm x 45.7cm

16R - 16" x 20" / 40.6cm x 50.8cm

S16R - 16" x 24" / 40.6cm x 60.9cm


Important Note:

  • The pricing display above size is based on 8R, 10R, 12R, and 16R are applicable / same to S8R, S10R, S12R, and S16R respectively.
  • Add-on order are subjected to additional charges depend on printing size, please check with photographers for pricing.
  • The poses above are just for illustration purpose, client can select any poses to mix and match the prints & frames.
  • Packages include the prints, frame and edited softcopy (only photos that selected for prints)

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Claim Your Mystery Gift

*T&C apply

Steps to claim your gift:

Terms & Conditions

  • Client can claim once only.
  • This campaign only applicable for appointments on weekends.
  • Loominos Studio reserved the rights to decide the type and limits of given gift.
  • Loominos Studio reserved the right to make changes / terminate without prior notice.


2 Doses Vaccinated

Visitors Must Know


Please take off your shoe

at the Entrance


Max 8 Persons

(adults + kids)


Max 5 Persons

(adults + kids)

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Only appointment request will be accepted (no walk-in), appointment can be made via phone call / WhatsApp (+6011-26688600 / +6016-3870363) at least 36 hours in advance and depend on availability.
  2. When customer decide to reschedule, customer is required to pay additional RM 30 as rescheduling charges.
  3. When customer decide to cancel 2 days in advance, customer will get back refund of RM 20.
  4. When customer fail to attend appointment without informing / notification, RM 50 down payment will be forfeited as administration charges.
  5. When customer's appointment due for 20 minutes will be considered as appointment cancel and fail to attend appointment without informing / notification.
  6. Additional prints request / order are welcome and subjected to pricing different and additional charges (please check with photographers for pricing during shooting).
  7. For shipping delivery request, clients will be informed regarding the pricing only after the finishing of printing via whatsapp or calls. Clients are required to make payment (bank-transfer / e-wallet) immediately in order for us to ship ASAP.
  8. 2 Photo premium editing and touch-up are included for every package and add-on prints.
  9. All digital copy will be provided via downloadable cloud sharing link (no CD / DVD / Pendrive will be provided).
  10. Full payment or 50% deposit payment are required after shooting session.
  11. When customer decide to pay 50% deposit payment of the receipt, customer's orders will only be delivered after full payment is made (regardless hardcopy or softcopy).
  12. Graduation robe and hood are available at MYR 45.00 per pax per shooting session.
  13. Entire session will take approximately 30 minutes (including preparation, shooting & choosing printing photos). Hence we strictly prohibit non-relevant pose / style that never been discussed during conversation or in quotation (includes but not limited to passport photo, profile shot and etc).
  14. No pets and big size objects are allowed to bring into studio.
  15. In order to deliver final production to customer on time, effective and with cost factor, we Do Not offer “Review Photo At Home” or “Decide Which Photo To Print At Home”. Customer must review and decide the photo to print at studio.
  16. If customer insist to review / decide photo at home, delivery of final product will Delay up to 3 months and will not be prioritized. Whenever any amendment / editing changes are required, there will be MYR 15 charges for each time of amendment / editing changes.
  17. We do offer “Buy Back” unedited digital / softcopy photo at very affordable price (Our intention for this offer is to let customer keeps the similar photos in digital where not picked to print it), however to avoid customer to abuse / take advantage of this benefit, we Do Not provide unlimited shots / poses. Max of 2 to 3 poses / approximate 20 to 30 shots per session. Unless customer decide to add-on pay for additional poses or photos.
  18. Our Studio is providing clean and cozy environment for everyone, hence we walk with naked foot. For shooting indoor studio, customers are required to take off shoes at the entrance (do not worry, 99% just half body shot and will not see the shoes in photo shooting and still looking nice).
  19. Due to SOP practice, only max of 8 persons are allowed to visit our studio at once
  20. Due to limited size of the backdrop, only max of 5 persons are allowed to photograph at once.
  21. Due to limited size of the backdrop, only max of 1 person is allowed to shoot full body include leg & shoes. Customers are require to carry the "cleaned shoes" with hand to the backdrop.
  22. Loominos reserve the rights to change without any prior notification.


  1. Colors reproduction on prints and digital may be vary is due to different monitor and device's screen representation.
  2. Colors and exposures among prints may be vary and cannot guarantee 100% precision to match all prints is due to color temperature of client's portrait, lightning and ambient on the actual set may be vary in between shooting.
  3. Digital editing on selected photos are based on best effort basis. There is no 100% guaranty on perfect editing visual.
  4. Kindly communicate with photographer properly when having shooting session for any editing requirement and photographer will explain what can do and what cannot be done.
  5. Editing is part of the whole cost offer in bundled package, hence time to spend in editing is carefully calculated to achieve best price to offer, therefore, providing editing does not mean everything / anything can be done in posting editing, kindly consult and communicate with our photographer.
  6. Our digital editing procedure strictly follow below listed items (some descriptive comments like “natural-ness” and “fake-ness” are very subjective and we do not take as “defect” or provide any return for this reason / situation). We only provide best effort basis on editing and subjected to charges if additional services are requested and kindly refer to our sample photos at gallery first before making any decision:
    • face imperfection removal (acnes, scars, freckles, moles, birthmarks, beauty spots, wrinkle)
    • eye bag removal (only when necessary / agreed by photographer)
    • eye enlargement (only when necessary / agreed by photographer)
    • face slimming (only when necessary / agreed by photographer)
    • face's skin smoothen (depend on level / agreed by photographer)
    • minor hair compensation (only when necessary / agreed by photographer)
    • skin brightening (only when necessary / agreed by photographer)
    • white spot removal (only when necessary / agreed by photographer)
  7. Digital editing does not cover as below listed but not limited to:
    • changing the face appearance
    • beard / mustache removal
    • glass reflection removal
    • adding / changing hair style
    • adding / changing hair color
    • adding / changing skin color
    • adding / changing make-up style
    • adding / changing teeth
    • adding / changing portraits / persons / pets / any objects
    • adding / changing background
    • adding / changing any text / words / logo / any similar concepts
    • Fixing wrinkled attire / surface / material
    • Whichever requests does not listed will be subjected to photographer's decision.
  8. All given frames are wooden and hand-made. Please allow / accept minor imperfection and inconsistent.
  9. Prints and frames delivery require approximately 7 to 10 days during the off-peak.
  10. Prints and frames delivery require approximately 2 to 3 weeks during the peak.
  11. Loominos reserve the rights to change without any prior notification.
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